Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My Life at VFS...coming soon...

I'm going to level with you readers: I started this blog for three selfish reasons. 1) I needed an outlet to keep me writing while I wasn't working on a specific script or story, 2) I wanted to properly articular my constant babblings about animation and animated features and 3) I wanted somewhere to post news on my own works as student artist and fledgling animation. As of yet, I've only done 1 and 2...so it's about time my OCD kicked in and started on 3 as well.

Random doodles abound!
I am now officially done term 1 of my 6 term classic animation program at Vancouver Film School, and now that term one is complete, I'm in the process of putting together all the random do-dads and projects I did up till now and archiving them away. So I figured this would be the perfect time to give my impressions of the first sixth of my animation schoolin' and document my process towards (hopefully) honing my skills in the art of animation.

So stay tooned friends! My animated adventures have only just begun...

- Moo